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Tuesday and Wednesday this week I have been working for Design Deliver (Moving to Cascade Coaching) at SMRT School in the heart of Bristol.

Jo from DD had design a program for the Yr7’s aimed at developing communications and understanding of the way they and other classmates work and tackle task, group and individual.

The focus of the the sessions was an assembly based on the 5 key themes of SMRT that each tutor group has to present throughout the year.

The program was in 2 parts, 2 1 hour sessions. The first fun exercises were meant to challenge the mind with some physical aspects while creating an environment where it was potentially hard to hear each others ideas yet teamwork was critical. This was ran as a round robin, each with 10 mins.

The Tutor of the group stayed in one position so that interaction was guaranteed with each student.

The 2nd part was the more creative part, an ideas generation section, where no idea was a bad idea. each group had to select a theme and be prepared to battle if 2 teams selected the same theme. Each team had the rest of the session to develop ideas, thoughts and meanings for their theme. It was also a time to think of resources required for the assembly along with time to act out some ideas for the assembly.

Our task was to keep them focused during this time and I must say with SMRT we had no problems.

I know many will take a lot from those days and am excited to see them at the end of the year for activity week.

Good Luck Yr 7’s


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