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I build websites…Mostly for free…if you are a charity or need help let me know.  I have just built in a week as they desperately need it for Charity registration.

Or I can build sites for small to medium commercially. They are low cost, quick and aimed at companies who need a presence and do not have much time to worry about every little detail of their website.

The website pictured below ( cost Alex under £300. This also included training on how to use the website and write blog posts.


Steve has done an exceptional job creating my website. His work ethic and service have been incredible. He also made it so easy for me, being patient and helpful through the whole process. – Alex Penning <>
Steve trains in a calm no nonsense way using language I could understand and helped me to connect my website to all social media, with good advice on the whole process. Jackie (50+ years old)
“Cloudworks Media’s help was integral in boosting my Google ranking and giving me the knowledge on how to keep it up there.” Henry Castle,
Steve helped us to understand the value and benefits of getting proactive with our social media platforms, and how to do this with little effort.. With his advice (and enthusiasm) we managed to go from a few hundred likes on our website to two and a half thousand… – Ron Barraclough
“Steve has a brilliant way of making me feel I’ve put in a lot of data and created a lot of the website myself – but whenever I come up against a problem he steps in and smooths it out so I can carry on”
“I would recommend Steve 100% to help with any website development”

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