Morning out climbing in Bristol with the Giffer

Myself and the Giffer “Alan Jones” headed to Avon Gorge to siege the classic climbing route “Easy Route”.

A great day rock climbing out only slight tarnished by the giffer, not having done up his shoe laces and wearing skate shoes, oh and being nearly 65 hit a tree route and ejected out his trainers onto the tarmac!

Still a great day as no real injuries, once again it proves the walk down or abseil is often the most dangerous thing about climbing.

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Climbing Easy Route

Easy Route on far right hand side of the gorge is a absolute gem if you have a partner that is either new to climbing or is slightly nervous of not seeing the belayer or needs practice taking gear and belays apart.

There is an abundance of trees and more than enough gear to put in, you do not need to as the climbing and the rock is top quality but for giving your second practice it is great.

You could properly build belays every 10 meters if you wanted and with each belay you can easily keep and eye on your second

Our next climbing session

I can’t wait for the next trip out, I reckon something a bit harder this time, perhaps something on the slab on Main Wall

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