it’s over : ( , until next years Bristol Climbing scene Xmas party

WOW what a amazing night ! yeah a MASSIVE thanks to the Miners and a massive thanks to all those that came along and were so kind and understanding of the the bar staff they were without doubt all really happy with how nice a bunch of climbers could be, there was not bad word said about us and not a single bit of trouble so thank you all for that x

Massive thanks to my mum ( Jackie Winslow ) for helping to collect glasses almost all night while Dad played pool and drank the free drink sRob was giving mum for helping. classy ; )

Obviously a thanks to my lovely GF Emily Boyce for helping and so much and generally keeping things moving forward. thanks also to Ben West Matt Cox for helping out , im sure they helped more than i know.

====================RAFFLE =============

Thank you to all those that bought raffle tickets and/or donated to the Avon and cheddar Fixed gear fund.

We managed to raise a massive figure of…….


Thank you again for Richard Emerson Paul Twomey Guy Jarvis Steve Richardson +ben west and Richard Hall for there great gift donations and general support.

please could everyone ( and that incudes me ) see your way sometime soon to visit one of the walls you might often climb at and pop in and spend all that xmas money on some nice shiny new gear at

Most importantly – Thanks again for coming out!

I hope that you all have fun and that the night had the intended effect of making some new mates and catching up with old ones.

I got some good photos with the help of Sam Mitchell and his camera as i had forgotten mine so big thanks to him for being organised. these will follow as and when .

Oh also I would to say thanks for all the kinds words and people going out of they to find me and say thanks or how good of a night they were having, it meant a lot and will keep the fires stoked till next year. or this summer ; )



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