How to build a poor mans TRX

After seeing this TRX used by Ben west, I new I HAD to have one! if you have not seen it used then head to youtube and check out a few videos, its a super slick way of training , low impact, inventive and easy to store.

I fell in love with it straight away.


The problem and the reason I dont own one is the COST , its at least 120£ everywhere i look, now while its high quality and for sure your paying for the design as well thats just not something I can afford.

The obvious next step then… build yourself a poor mans version

With help from Sarah Worley we managed to get something going that worked great and took us no more that 20 min to imagine

photo 2 (1)

Of course it helps that I work in a climbing centre but im sure you could substitute any number of the items I have used for something similar

For this build all we used was:

3m ( ish ) Rope

3 Quick draws ( although any karabiners will do )

one HMS karabiner

2 4ft slings

How I built it

Working from the top down, ( already had the wood and anchor screwed in ) I used a Quickdraw to clip through the hanger and then Bowline through the mallon

I have plans to attached a 1m piece of webbing with a block of wood attached so that I can use it at home wedged through a shut door.

photo 1

After around a metre I tied a Figure 8 on the bite and put the HMS krab in it , then looped the slack back around and tied a Clove Hitch in the same HMS ( this allows it to be adjustable ), then tied another Figure 8 on the bite and clipped in 2 Quickdraws

photo 3

For this exercise I placed 1 sling through both Quickdraws, this allows the sling to move so that you have to use your core to keep the feet still

photo 5

When you wish to work with your hands I simple added another sling, clipping each sling to its own Quickdraw giving you the freedom to move as well as the difficulty of keeping your arms from wobbling

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (1)

I think there will be many alterations on this as time goes on but for a cheep solid start this works great, if you have any ideas please dont keep them to yourself lets here them.


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