Final Raffle Prizes Bristol Climbing Xmas Party

All the money raised over that of the gift costs, will be given directly to the Avon and Cheddar Fixed Gear Fund


3 Month Free unlimited entry into The Bristol Climbing Academy !!

at the usual cost of £160 !!

Donated of course by The Climbing Academy

Please make sure we thank Paul and Rich on the night for there kindness and help with the bristol climbing community


1 Hour Coaching Masterclass With British Team Member, all round uber super star and general nice guy – Ben West

Will be held at whichever centre (bristol) takes your fancy and working on whatever you feel your climbing needs, helping those in the 5’s to 8’s!


A Gym rope !

Donated Kindly by Dick at Dicks Climbing Shop check out his Facebook Page here

Please give him a big HUG so he knows we all appreciate his donation, his work with the ClimbBristol project and the Bristol Bolt Fund


3 Month Free unlimited entry into the Bristol Climbing Centre

Donated of course by the Bristol Climbing Centre

Big thanks to Steve and Guy for this one.


 and finally

12 year Glendfiddich !

It is Christmas after all ( obviously only over 18’s can win this )



If you could see your way to like, comment and in anyway THANK the sponsors for their kind donations ( even if you don’t win ) that would be fantastic and HELP TO SECURE NEXT YEARS PLANS.

So please click on some links, share some comments and drive the community forward.


x Winslow x

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