Bristol Climbing Scene Xmas Raffle

While we have everyone in one place we thought it would be a great idea to run a Raffle!

1. For a laugh

2. Everyone loves the chance to win free stuff
3. So everyone can here my soft lovely bristol accent over a mic

and most importantly

4. Help raise money for the Bristol Bolt Fund.

All the money raised over that of the gift costs, will be given directly to the Avon and Cheddar Fixed Gear Fund

So those that know me and Matt Cox well, this is bascially compolsury ( im looking at you Tom Harrison ), and for those who dont if you could see you way to spare a £1 or 2 that would be AMAZING.


I have managed to scrap together a few prizes for the night and Richard Hall from Dicks Climbing has kindly donated a Gym Rope as well!      ( make sure we all hug him when we see him )


Prizes as they stand so far

Gym Rope ( from Dicks Climbing )

12 year 70cl Glenfiddich

Campo Viejo Rioja

9oz Bag of Metolious Superchalk

( Of course if anyone is willing to Donate a gift to this collection, just get in contact with me and you will showered with love and you name will go down in history ! )

For more on Bristol Climbing Fund visit

and for Dicks facebook page  and shop visit

See you there ( hopefully not all at once )

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