Not, Not Top Roping at Avon – Flash Gordan’s Trip to Mars E4 – ‘Empire Strikes back ‘ Part 2

After alot of work from cox and the promise that we would top rope he convinced me into going to Avon for a few hours to have a look at ‘Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars’ a bold E4 up on the wall above and to the right of ‘Fur Tree Ledge’ at sea walls

  With a Static rope thrown over the edge Cox went down and I followed with camera in hand , set up a belay and brought Cox back up the route, which needless to say was look like it would be a nightmare on lead. We swapped over and I had a go, both of us did the small but tricky slab clean but with the little psyche we had kept to agreement of not leading….For about 30 seconds.

I went down to have a look at a more direct route straight up the slab and spotted the route ‘ Anorexic Little Weirdo’ E1 5c  which neither us had done so of course it had to get done, turned out to a great little route. At the top we were definitely done for the day.

Packed up and headed once again for the sofa,CSI and 4stripe.

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