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I finally got around created my first Google Chrome extension, after alot of playing around and tweaking other extensions and with no real clear aim i thought it better to just make something that i would actually use.

So here we are I made a little extension which grabs the news feed from runs it through a parser over at to clean it up a bit, added a few other little details, stole and modded the icon from ukclimbing and its done!

Google Chrome Extension For UKC News Feed

Now I have a nice clean way of checking UKC news without the need to visit the site.

How important is this ? well on a scale of 1-10 its definitely in the lower 1’s or 2’s but still a cool little app I think.

so if you want it , > its heres <

Just download and chrome should offer to install it for you , assuming your using chrome to download it.

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