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My first sessions in pool with thoughts and tips from a punter (me)

1) Firstly the opening times (with lanes) at the public pool is a nightmare; 6.30-9am sucks. After 9 its time to get out and let the next group in, what happened to having at least a lane open all day?

There are other times sure, but those lane sessions are only open for 1 hour at a time. I am not much of a swimmer yet but even I need at least 1.5hrs to get a session in, especially with an effective warm up and warm down.

I hear there are other pools around and perhaps a time will come when I need to visit a proper training pool but as the local one is close that will have to do for now.

So if you are training, get ready for early mornings and early nights.

2) Swimming is great fun and even more fun, at least for me, if you can do it well. With a strong ethos on not being a hypocrite, I was determined to swim well rather than far or fast, I wanted to put all my talk and teaching climbing into coaching myself into swimming in the best style I could. So watch as many videos as you can and ask anyone and every who swims for help, I have been telling everyone what I am doing in the hope that people will offer their help, and you know what? they do.

Some many people who I never knew swam have come out and offered me advice, so keep you eyes and ears open for support and it will come.

3) Smash the hell out of youtube!

Tired, watch a swimming video. Bored at work, watch a swimming video. Rubbish on TV, watch a swimming video. You get the point…

There are so many instructional and inspirational youtube videos out there it unbelievable, I try to watch a few a day and a some before each session. I commit to memory a couple of points and work on them for that session.

Here is a video that I keep going to back as it really hits the mark for technique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SONx52cyltI

Inspirational videos like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3HhNlysFDs of Jono Van Hazel show some of the most beautiful swimming I have ever seen. This video also has the bonus of keeping me psyched more than anything else to come anywhere close to swimming this well would make me a happy man.

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