2020 triathlon swimming plan
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Evaluation is over it’s time to train. 8 weeks swimming 3 times a week.

The evaluation phase is over and I could not be happier with how it went. For me, swimming has defiantly taken hold, the mix of technical difficult Front Crawl and fitness is addictive. Climbing and Climbing indoors is very similar, you can be as strong as you want but if you do not have the technique you going nowhere fast. My fitness is better than I thought or maybe my technique gained from endless youtube videos is paying off, whichever it is I am keen to starting training

Why and what to Evaluate

I started evaluating myself by accident really, I didn’t have a plan I just wanted to see if I could swim. Now that I have done it and realised the benefit. I would certainly recommend it before signing up for any training, gym membership or coaching, I would go for at least 8 sessions/weeks to see if you the like the sport, the people, the gym and if you like it enough to keep going, otherwise you simply won’t be committed when the training gets tough.

It’s also good to see just how far you have to go to reach you goal. Fitness is a funny thing, you might be fit in one sport and get totally spanked in another. So check out everything, put yourself to the test and compare it online to best times, lengths strokes e.t.c to see how you stack up.

MYCOACH 8 week Triathlon swimming training

myCOACH-8WeekSessionPlan-Week8-page3 copyIt did not take long to search on line and find some gold training plans. I know I have a Triathlon coming up and there is plenty of specific training plans but I also have the Dart 10k coming up I wanted to more specifically train my swimming, I am fairly confident about the ride and hopeful for the run but I want to be swimming fit.

I decided to without question follow the a training plan, the one I found on http://www.220triathlon.com/training/training-plans/training-plan-8-week-swim-plan-for-triathletes/9519.html looked perfect, I am not going to lie, the quality of the design of the PDF was the real deciding factor.

I have never simply and unequivocally follow a training plan or for that matter anything really from start finish but this is the time. I really want to get a good look at my fitness.

TOP TIP: Print and laminate these and take them to the pool with you. place them under your water bottle at one end. That way you stay in the pool and keep warm while reading them if you forget what your aim is.

myCOACH Session Plan & Reference Guide

myCOACH 8 Week Session Plan – WEEK ONE

myCOACH 8 Week Session Plan – WEEK TWO

myCOACH 8 Week Session Plan – WEEK THREE

myCOACH 8 Week Session Plan – WEEK FOUR

myCOACH 8 Week Session Plan – WEEK FIVE

myCOACH 8 Week Session Plan – WEEK SIX

myCOACH 8 Week Session Plan – WEEK SEVEN