220 swimming training plan 8 weeks week 2
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Swimming training plans, The benefits so far

myCOACH-8WeekSessionPlan-Week1-page2 copyNot ever having followed a plan (I am sure many would say I have never committed to anything) and with my change of tac into the world of swimming and the ever looming Dart 10k I thought it best to really get to grips with a solid plan with the aim of completing it fully and then adjectively looking at the progress and adjusting it from there.

Another way of saying, I am trying not to be big headed and thinking I know best and give over to the professionals. The fact that I have been telling people for years to follow training plans for indoor and outdoor climbing and not wanting to be a hypocrite gave me a healthy push in the correct direction.

As I thought I know nothing…

The training plan so far, and I am only just come back from completing week 2 is absolutely fantastic!

The biggest or best factor for me is that the decision making process is eliminated leaving me to train and push myself. Either you quit or your push on, but there is no umm’ing and ahhh’ing and playing mind games and making excuses as to why I should change my plan to this or that, its written in black and white so you just get on with it and focus on what you should be focus on, trying hard and keeping smooth.

The second benefit of a swimming plan.

The second benefit and one I did not see coming is that although I am training on my own I do feel apart of something bigger, something of a group movement towards a goal.

Now, I have no idea if anyone else in the world is even follow the 220 triathlon swimming plan and the odds are stacked that there is not, but still, there is something about it that feels good and pushes me to get up and put in that extra effort.

Diarising and making swim training easy.

With only so much decision making energy in a day the less you can use for each activity or task the better.

I have mentioned the decision making process being eliminated from your time training, however you also have a week or in this case an 8 week swimming training plan designed for and this really really reduces the friction of making decisions and allowing other things to take priority or for you to procrastinate.

Diaries those sessions in the pool, pick up those laminated copies of the plan, your swimming kit and head out. No decisions and no friction, the perfect way to train.

The video I found for this weeks swimming session psyche

I can across the video and this team of coaches and I have to say I love them, maybe it is from my days climbing and watching old climbing films before heading out that I like doing this, but whatever the reason, just watching someone doing something so well before my swim really helps to focus my mind.

Enjoy the video.