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Diarising, eating that frog and the compound effect.

Listening to productivity podcasts and help me a lot. Podcasts like Asian Efficiency I am sure are based on work but I have found them to be a great help, the way these people at the top of their game get as much done in a day is inspiring. What I have learnt to take from the them is their discipline and there ability to plan, chipping away at their goals and giving over the decision making process to a previous time and a previous version of themselves.

Making decisions to train on the day, for me at least, is hard, my mind is constantly playing tricks on me. It is said that you mind always give up before your body when training, well I seem to give up even before I get out.

However, with a solid calendar, a sensible goal and with milestones that are small it seems to be working really well. I have never had so much energy and what feels like spare time to fill.

Compound effect

I have alluded to it above but it really is the small things that are making it easier to train. The small sessions, the small plans and the small gains have a amazing large compound effect. Just by continuously moving toward the goal,  every day or every week do something, anything to bring that goal closer to home really and works and always feels amazing.

So often plowing or brute forcing your way through the week seemed like the correct thing to do, then all of a sudden it was Friday or worse the end of the Month or worse still the end of the year and your goals are no closer.

Just move a little towards each goal every day. Wake up get the worst thing you have to do that day related to that goal and do it, do it before all others and the rest of the day will seem a breeze.


Eat that frog as the Productivity show would say.

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