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We had a Plan…

It didn’t work out instead we went to Doward instead.

Myself and Yan headed to Doward for a quick blast after giving up on other plans, after speaking to Dave talbot the previous night we had our eye on doing at some point reality check E3 6a, which long story short, we did, through much screaming and falling off, the peg held though.

Working backwards of course we soloed 2 VS routes, then a great E2 crack a HVS then another VS.

Being sport climbers typically we both saw no point in seconding a route and both wanted to lead, we settled on alternating placing of the gear and the second pulling the rope and leading with the gear pre placed, this of course led to each route being a lot hard to strip and lower off of, worth it though to climb it properly, who wants to second!?

Rocks were pulled off, silly photos taken and swear words screamed but we made all it through all the routes.

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The day almost being perfect until of course, inevitably as sport climbers or just generally slack timekeepers we realised we were both going to late for work, me at Bloc climbing and Yan at Undercover rock. The fastest pack up led to the fastest run down from Doward to our car, wheel spinning and hand brake turns for good measure ( in the girlfriends ) saw us escaping as fast as humanly possible, making it literally back to Bloc with 60 seconds to spare.


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