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Climbing in BristolWith 4 climbing walls now in Bristol I felt we needed one central place for Climbing in Bristolinformation, keep an eye on the Bristol climbing scene website to keep on top of news and events related to climbing in Bristol

Hopefully this new site will go someway to keeping the scene together

What is the Bristol Climbing Scene

Well physically is all of the climbers in bristol, the walls, the gorge and everything else related to climbing in Bristol. In terms of the association its a group, website dedicated to expanded and yet keeping together climbers from Bristol.

The Bristol Climbing Website has the aim to hold all the news and information on climbing in Bristol. It is a place for info on the walls, the groups, the people and a resource for news and information on starting in climbing.

The Bristol Climbing Scene Association most significantly also holds christmas parties for each year. These parties for climbers are held each year with the help of many climbers in Bristol with the aim of bringing people together at least once a year.


How it Started

The Bristol Climbing Scene website idea started of as just a Xmas party. Each year traditionally Undercover Rock would hold the christmas party at the Miners Arms in St Werburghs, UCR did this to thank all the climbers in Bristol and to bring them together in the winter, unfortunately as other walls were built (At this time there was only UCR), UCR lost some of its appeal and apparent want (or cash flow) to put on a party for the scene. I had returned from a season away to come home and hear that the party had not been held and nothing else was in place.

Climbing in Bristol

Why the climbing scene is important

Knowing that without doubt the climbing christmas parties had brought me into climbing and made sure that I stayed I had to do my bit to start another, at least for 1 year. The climbers in Bristol, I think, are the best around and the parties thrown by us or by any big night are always the places that help make the scene as tight as it is, so I had no choice, I had to try and keep the parties and the socials going.

With some many new climbers coming through, young and old, also made it possibly the most important time in Bristol History to make sure the scene stayed together while also explaining to newcomers just how big it was and that there are 3 other walls out there and a world of rock to get cranking on.

History so far..

The First Bristol Climbers Party

2012 saw the first of the wall independent climbing christmas parities, it was held at the Miners in St Werburghs as many many climbers still lived around that area and we knew the pub could handle it. After that becoming a huge success with near 150 crammed into the pub I was quickly planning the next.

The Miners was a perfect example of the scene coming together, people from all areas of Bristol and people and staff from all there chosen climbing walls were there, with story after story being told with beers after beers being drank.

The Second Climbers Party

2013 saw it in the Cavern Pub in St Nics market in the centre of Bristol. With many climbers having moved and bought homes in and around south Bristol somewhere central was on the cards. Again, this party grew and to around 200, luckily there was a pub next door where many spilled into.

The Future of Bristol Climbing Scene

With 2014 party booked for the Halo Bar on Gloucester Rd and with eyeing up the Thekla for 2015 the parties seem to be going from strength to strength.

With the T-Shrits are on order, the stickers are in, perhaps evens some mugs on order too and with the climbers helping to support the scene by buying up all the swag which helps massively to pay for the costs of the party hopefully we could be in for 10 Years of parties! … Maybe its time to start to do a summer one…