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I had a fantastic coaching session with Steve, and I’ve been thinking non-stop about getting back onto the climbing wall to practice everything I’ve learnt – Steve made me feel totally at ease, I feel like I made a huge amount of progress in an hour, and he reminded me of how, at the end of the day, having fun with climbing is the most important thing! Thank you.
Learnt a lot more in an hour than I expected I would. Steve’s coaching is really straightforward and accessible, I would recommend it to anyone that wants to up their grade or just get more out of climbing.
Those of you who know Steve will agree he’s good at this sort of thing 🙂
James Elliott
Knowledgeable, patient and confident. He was very much in control and we felt …More
Lynne Williams
I have been climbing for 26 years and have climbed to a reasonable trad standard but I joined Steve Winslow’s coaching session because I was interested to see if I could learn anything new – and I did! Great tips on how to warm up really …More
Robyn Nelson
I always enjoy climbing with Steve. Steve has the ability to get across instructions and ideas in a slick way and way in which works for me. Steve knows when to offer a advice but most importantly knows when not to, allowing me to learn and implement what he has suggested in my own time.
Joseph Burguete
Steve is an amazing coach. I’ve had him for a few sessions and they have been really fun. I would recommend him to advanced and amateur climbers.
Alex George
Steve is a great coach, he makes all the sessions fun and educational at the same time, using interesting and varied drills and ways to improve your technique.
Jason Mulvaney
Really great climbing coach, whatever level you’re climbing at Steve can help. Really fun and always feel like you’re making progress, my go-to coach in Bristol. Thanks Steve
Emily Campbell
Great coach, full of advice and loads of experience. Client focused and fun!
Jason Williams
Steve’s coaching is second to none. He makes a day at a crag easy and streamline and I always enjoy climbing with Steve.
Bertie Goffe
Loving Steve’s awesome climbing coaching experience in Bristol!!!
B x x
Nadège Laici
Steve is a brilliant coach! Understanding and supportive, he will find your limits very quickly and will help you push them, every time. Oh and he’s funny too.
Sylwia Murzyn


Steve has done an exceptional job creating my website. His work ethic and service have been incredible. He also made it so easy for me, being patient and helpful through the whole process. – Alex Penning <alexpenning@live.co.uk>
Steve trains in a calm no nonsense way using language I could understand and helped me to connect my website to all social media, with good advice on the whole process. Jackie (50+ years old)
“Cloudworks Media’s help was integral in boosting my Google ranking and giving me the knowledge on how to keep it up there.” Henry Castle, www.climbpembroke.com
Steve helped us to understand the value and benefits of getting proactive with our social media platforms, and how to do this with little effort.. With his advice (and enthusiasm) we managed to go from a few hundred likes on our website to two and a half thousand… – Ron Barraclough
“Steve is a genius at making social media seem possible for absolute technophobes” – Sarah-Jane Dobner