Scary. It shouldn’t be this simple to steal facebook passwords from a windows XP machine. far too easy.

Below is a video of me stealing my own Facebook login details off a Windows XP sp2 machine with Backtrack 5 using msfconsole and meterpreter.

This is my first real play with Backtrack apart from WEP cracking and im still learning so if you do find any massive errors please be gentle with the comments

I put this video really to highlight how unsafe XP is and really, just generally how it can be really un-secure using other peoples network or even not knowing who is own your network, so make sure you have a good password and your router is WPA protected. ( see my post on how easily WEP protected routers are cracked ), as well as having your computer running the most up to date software

Its pretty scary how easy this was to do and learn, it took maybe a hour to learn and 15 minutes to tweak and perform. I really think anyone could learn this, I only hope they dont.

Take the video for what it is, if you need any help recreating this or have any questions I will do my best to help.

EDIT: If your struggling to see the text make sure you have selected 720p from the little cog icon in the bottom of the youtube video as the default is only low resolution.


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