Save Time – Auto Insert Commonly used Text Within iOS

I use iOS text-replacement frequently to save myself time and reduce typing errors while writing literally anything on my iPhone. Type a small group of letters i.e “sss” and like magic  “” appears.

What actually happens

The iOS text replacement system tracks all key strokes you make on the standard iOS keyboard and then, when a predefined set of numbers, letters or special characters (followed by the space key) are typed iOS replaces the small set with the previsoult specified words or numbers.

(Skip to the bottom of the page for set up instructions).


Auto Fill Email – The Best Use

If like me, you have work, personal, family, project and various other emails accounts then by far the best way to save time and use Text Replacement is to have it insert complete email address for you, while you only type an abbrivieation

This garauntees that you will not make a mistake with that email address and save you precisous typing time.

iOS Auto fill text

More Uses For iOS Text Replacement

Another great option can be to use the system for the replacement of a phone number or postal address, you can even add in often used phrases within a text message or email such as “love you see you soon” or “OK, see you 10 minutes, for example.

Anything you use regularly can and (probably) should be automated. So what do you find yourself type alot?

iOS Phone number auto insert


How to set up iOS text replacement

On your iOS device go to: Settings / General / Keyboard / Text Replacement

Click the “+” at the top right of the screen, from there you will be prompted for the phrase or word you want to add automatically and then the shortcut you will use to auto insert the text.

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