Really Basic, Really Usefull Unix, For Absoulute Beginners

Originally written in 2007

Right, unix, so must know a bit or you would’nt have been looking for this info, but just in case you dont then dont worry because this is going to to be easy, much unlike the times when i was learning unix, i assuming you’ve got a mac, because you would’nt care if you had a microsuck box ( unless you have seen the light and are running live linux cds ( tutorials comming soon )) and if you’ve got linux up and running then this is’nt for you.

Ok first you need to open the terminal program, in os x the terminal is in ……….. applications > utilities > terminal

When its open it will look something like below……….

Ok now that we have that open lets get stuck in

cd = This means change directory by typing in ” cd Documents ” (not including the speech marks ) and pressing enter this command will make the working directory Documents, by working document i mean the same as being in the folder while using the finder ( the one that you are looking at ).

To go back up a folder we use the cd command again but this hit space then put 2 periods in like this ” cd ..

Or if you simply want to return to you home level the type ” cd ~ ” and press enter ( do this now if you hav’nt so that i know where you are.( thanks )

ok you should back where you started

ls = this command lists all the folders and files within the folder you are currently in, by entering this now you should see documents movies sites music e.t.c all listed like below, this should seem familiar as it is the same as if you were in the finder window looking in.

ok cool…..remember any questions, leave a comment and i will get back to you

Another great little command that is very usefull when learning is the ” clear ” command, this resets the terminal so you can see cleary and start again, i know how confusing it all can get when there is so much text on the screen, so keep this command in mind

Ok moving on a little

The next command you should learn is the command to make directories or folders, this command is ” mkdir ” simple is’nt it.

first change directory or folder to ” documents “

cd Documents “………………..will get you there

Ok now enter the command ” ls ” to see whats in there, it will be all your stuff that you,ve been saving to your Documents folder ( like normal ) , now make a new folder called ” unixstuff “

(its better to keep everthing in small caps and with no spaces as this makes typing alot faster).

mkdir unixstuff “……………will do this

Now you a have created you first folder or directory, it’s nice to check use your finder and look in you documents folder or type ” ls ” into the terminal and it will be there.

Ok great that will do for now

I will post up some slightly more detailed stuff later.

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