New looking Facebook but still not safe to use!

So Facebook has finally had a face lift and sorted their life out in regards personal privacy, they have made a massive attempt to help and simplify their privacy settings and at the same time made the whole way Facebook looks and feels a whole lot better, which i have to say im more than pleased with , so much so that i have come back to facebook alot recently and spent less and less time on Google+( sorry google ).

I was really keen on Facebook and still am to some extent, but they have lost MASSIVE kudos for STILL! not making HTTPS surfing a default option, for those of you that dont know what HTTPS is, i will explain without it you are simply not safe while on Facebook anywhere except maybe your own house and network, by this i mean if you are in a coffee shop at lunch or even prehaps in work and are on Facebook with out HTTPS on, i can, or any bad guy out there easily steel your FB information and take over your session, deleting photos/video , adding posts and generally causing havoc.


So, how do i fix this ? , Thankfully its simple ( why such a simple thing is default ? who knows )

    Sign into FB as normal

    Click on the little white arrow facing down next to your name and picture and the ‘home’button

    Click on the button for ‘Accounts’

    Look right and click on the second item in the menu for ‘Security’

    Now click on the item to the right ‘Secure Browsing’

    And Click the the little square box , make sure you then save you changes.

All done!

Now what really gets me angry is that FB evens calls this ‘secure browsing’ and yet does not want their customers to have a safe and secure session.

So lets look after ourselves and all enable this , its easy and takes 2 seconds, and will help to all types of identity theft.

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