How to Get iPhone tethering to work with Linux Mint 11 ( Ubuntu 11.04 )

You want to get iPhone tethering to work with Linux Mint 11 ( Ubuntu 11.04 ) and you think this would be easy huh.

well it isn’t!

Really i should say that it wasn’t, but now i have done it and worked it out, as always its seems a piece of cake. with this in mind i thought i had better write it up.

To start we need a few things for this to work. first of all you going to need the files for the ‘ipheth’ kernal module that we are going to use, so go ahead and enter into your terminal

git clone git://

For ‘ipheth’ to work we also need at least ‘libimobiledevice’ so go ahead and enter into your terminal

sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice-utils


sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice-dev

Next we need to enter into the ‘ipheth’ folder and compile the source

cd ipheth/ipheth-pair
sudo make install



out to the folder ‘ipheth’

Then back into ‘ipheth/ipheth-driver’ with

cd ipheth/ipheth-driver

Nows the time to compile the source so enter


Next we need to type and enter

sudo insmod ipheth.ko

This last step inserts the module we have just created into the computers kernel. Now grab you iPhone and put it into ‘Personal hotspot’ mode and plug it into you computer, your iPhone now it will pop up as usual offering to start banshee or shotwell or whatever preferences you have set but this time also offer or even try to connect you to the internet automatically through Ethernet, if not go ahead and click on your network-manager and select Ethernet auto eht0 or eth1 from the list.

Open you browser and check or some other favorite site and you will be connected.

Now you have a connection to the internet where there is now Free Wifi, but remember even if there is Free Wifi, you may to choose to use your iPhone as a modem any way because this way you are using your iPhone secure connection instead of the Basically completley insecure Mcdonalds or wherever .

My suggestion would be, if you have the choice, to check FB, Twitter, Gmail etc using the iphone as this way you passwords and browsing is kept secret and then when you just Googling around reading the news or whatever then go ahead and rinse there bandwidth.

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