How to change the loading screen of a Kenwood DNX4210BT


To change the loading screen on the kenwood DNX4210BT make sure that you are on the main menu and that you have a USB flash drive plugged into the usb cable or port, on the USB drive you will need the image you want to use saved in the Root folder, by that I mean that the image must not be in any folders it has to be on the main part of the disk, you will also need a pick or something else with a sharp end like a bit of wire or paper clip

The image needs to be a minimum size of 480px horizontal by 234px vertical, the images can be bigger as the kenwood system will shrink it for you

The images must be also be in ‘jpg’ or ‘bmp’ or filetype With the USB plugged in and at the main menu, press and hold the ‘TEL’ and the ‘MENU’ buttons, then while holding click with your pick the red downward facing triangle above the ‘menu’ button

Keep hold of the ‘TEL’ and ‘MENU’ buttons and wait for the red triangle and the screen to flash( a grey flash ), then release the buttons Select ‘OEM’ from the list then select the image you want to load

Select ‘WRITE’ and wait for the file to be written

Then click the red triangle once more to reset the system While its resetting you can remove your USB drive

Watch the screen for you new loading image

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