Can all those open tabs in your Browser spy on each other?…

I’ll give you a clue the anwser ryhms with ‘tess’ and is not what you wanted to hear.

yes !

So how do I know and how did I come across this? 

Well I had always heard they can, but never really thought much of it and did not bother to check it out as honestly it does not bother me much. However as always its worth knowing that this is going on and whats happening on your computer, if only to give you the option to ingnore it, at least you will be aware.

Is it important? 

Well yes and no, ( I know not exactly conclusive ) it all depends on your version and how you see privacy as well as how and what you think of it and if it important to you at all, also its important to think what your willing to give up so that these products we all use will stay free i.e facebook, google, hotmail e.t.c. ( as to exist they must sell you as advertising ) for me its a no, I do not mind and am not to worried if Facebook or WordPress sees what im doing on other Tabs , infact i like that they do, this normally leads to extra functionality like automatic logins or quick sharing of storys or as you see below just haveing my wordpress menu bar pop when I am on wordpress hosted sites allowing me to easily follow, comment and search their website.

Don’t believe me or just want to see it in action? Then look below.

This is me visiting The mountain rescue blog.

Then I logged into my account.

This image below shows a new tab is open and I am now logged into my wordpress account.

And Boom!

There it is, a WordPress menu bar suddenly appears at the top of the mountain rescue blogs page after a refresh, so how did it change if it was not spying on my other tabs , details and login states, its simple , they must be aware of each other.

So if they aware and this is just WordPress trying to help me with some awesome extra features then I would put large amounts of money on it that Facebook and Google and possible others with good but also potentially bad reason or even criminal are using this for reading your other searches and browser data, history and generally building up a image of who you are and what things you might like

Remember though, it sounds bad but if we want these products to be free we have to sell a bit of ourselves.

So is there a solution?

Well theres is only 2 i can see from my angle.

1) make sure you close all tabs when you have finished with them and consider using 1 at a time if you are searching or browsing senstive material

2) Stop using Facebook, Google e.t.c , where you can be almost certain they are building a profile of you.

Not the best solutions really, and this next bonus one is a bit of a pipe dream too.

bonus number 3 ) petition for Facebook, Google or whoever to take your money 5 or 10£ a month and offer you their services Ad-Free.

A long shot I know but if your serious about privacy, as you can see there is not many options.

Enjoy, but keep skeptical

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