A very Quick tutorial on how to convert .wma to .mp3 using Ubuntu linux and FFmpeg

Lets get straight to it thats why you here – First, open your terminal and change directory to where the file you want to change/convert is ( using the cd command ), this is not the only way to do this as you could specify the location of the file you wish to change in the command line, i just find it easier this way, especially if you are going to convert multipul files in a folder,

Type the commands below exchanging ‘file.wma’ for your file you want to convert and change ‘file.mp3’ to the name you want the new .mp3 to have.

ffmpeg -i ‘file.wma’ -acodec libmp3lame  ‘file.mp3’


If you fancy yourself as a detail person then,  ‘-i’ specifies the file and ‘-acodec’ specifies the codec to be used. I will be honest I do not know enough about this subject but hey ho thats what Wikipedia is for!

Below also is a video if you need to watch it, I apologies now for the exceptional poor quality, i promise I will redo it soon.



Please do post a comment letting me know if this helped or how it didn’t , or if thats to much i would love just a ‘like’ , Thanks,  Winslow

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