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Importing a large .sql database file into MAMP

This article written by www.fatheaddesign.com helped me out so much and is cleanly written I had to re-share it. Full props go to Fatheadesign.

The original article can be found here http://www.fatheaddesign.com/808/importing-large-sql-files-into-phpmyadmin-under-mamp/

If you are struggling to import a larger database using MAMP you may have seen this image below, if you have you now how frustrating this can be.

I can across this when trying to copy my works WordPress install and set up a local server.

Below is copy and pasted directly from http://www.fatheaddesign.com/808/importing-large-sql-files-into-phpmyadmin-under-mamp/



Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 4.50.43 PM

This happens to me quite often, and I finally found a workaround for this within my local MAMP dev environment.

1. Open up the config.inc.php file within the phpmyadmin dir with your favorite code editor. In your local MAMP environment, it should be located here:

Hard Drive » Applications » MAMP » bin » config.inc.php

2. Do a search for the phrase $cfg[‘UploadDir’] – it’s going to look like this:

$cfg['UploadDir'] = '';

3. Change it to look like this:

$cfg['UploadDir'] = 'upload';

4. Then, within that phpmyadmin dir, create a new folder & name it upload.

5. Take that large .sql file that you’re trying to import, and put it in that new upload folder.

6. Now, solidsthe next time you go to import a database into phpMyAdmin, you’ll see a new dropdown field right below the standard browse area in your “File to Import” section, like this:

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 5.21.45 PM

Select that dropdown, and your file will show up right there. Hilight the db, and hit “Import” – and you’re golden!

How to fix wordpress plugins that will not update or delete.

Very recently on 2 sites stevewinslow.co.uk and bristolclimbingscene.co.uk I have the same problem or at least very similar, Plugins on my wordpress install would either not delete or update or both. The issue after many annoying hours was that my host due to issues “they say” with my domain had alter some permissions, I am still not convinced on the how but for now its fixed so I am happy.


The error was, as is often, with linux or mac machines, the Permissions of the folders, Specifically the folders of the Theme and Plugins in the wp-content folder.


What follows below are some quick step and images to back up your progress.

Before we start though, its always a good idea to make a backup of the your site first (even though its not working for), I am not going to cover that here but there are plenty of great articles already written. BACK UP YOUR SITE NOW.

Ok, onto the fixing the permissions

To fix this error or at least rule it out you will need an FTP program, I use Cyberduck for OS X, and your login details for ftp and your hosting account. Here, I am not going to show you how to complete any of these steps.

How to fix the permissions of your wordpress

  • Visit your “wp-content” with your FTP program.
  • Find the permissions of the “Themes” and “Plugins” folder, in CyberDuck “command+i” does this.


  • If the error is due to permissions, then either or both of the folders with have permissions of something similar to 555. This does not have to be exactly the same but most likely it will at least not have a “write” box ticked for the “owner”.
  • Change the permissions to 755. This allows the owner (you) to edit the “Plugins” and “Themes” folder. Make sure that you click “Apply changes recursively” so that all the permission trickle down through all the plugins and themes in the contained in the folder.


Thats it. Head back over to your WP Dashboard and attempt the update. If you have followed the steps correctly and the permissions was the only error (Very likely) then the plugins should update perfectly.




If successful its time for another back up. Always a good idea.

I would love to hear any comments you have. Thanks for reading I hope I help or some at least one person’s time.

How to Export a Squarespace blogs data and import it into a WordPress.com blog


EDIT:  After a massive response to this post i have a few people to do this for them as they do not know how to install servers or dont have the time, so if you have a need for this then get in contact with me and we can work it out. Thanks for all the responses!

I was recently asked to export a clients blog posts and data from a squarespace account and import it into a WordPress.com blog. I was thinking this would be a easy job but not knowing how to do it i turned to google for the answer, I found, i thought, what i was looking for.

I easily exported the squarespace data and went to the wordpress site to import, it seemed to work but nothing would actually import,it just sort of hung there.

After a lot! of googling I still could not find any reason for this not to work and no one seemed to have a answer.

After many failed attempts and yet seeing ( on youtube ) people easily importing Sqaurespace data it  occurred to me that maybe WordPress.com blogs and WordPress.ORG blogs were very different animals and perhaps Wordpress.COM blogs simply are not able to import the blog data from a Squarespace account

Finally, after not finding anyone with the answer I came to this slightly complicated but workable solution to get Squarespace data out and into a WordPress.com blog

Below is a brief step by step of what I did, if you understand all the steps already, great!, if not check back soon and as I will be posting a detailed tutorial with screenshots as soon as I can.

  • Log in to your Squarespace account and download you blog data ( see Sqaurespace tutorials )
  • Install and start Mamp or another internal/test server 
  • Create a Mysql database for WordPress
  • Download, install and create a Wordpress blog, any details will do ( you can delete this blog straight after )
  • Log in to the WordPress blog that you have just created on your test server
  • Go to Dashboard and select Tools>Import
  • Click ok to install import plugin and select the import Movable Type and TypePad option
  • Select the downloaded Squarespace blog data file and select import
  • Check Posts to confirm the all the blog data has imported correctly, each post will be listed if successfully imported
  • Export the Wordpress( on test server ) blog data as a WordPress data file type ( Tools>Export )
  • Log back into your Wordpress.COM blog
  • Import the newly exported Wordpress data ( from test server )
  • All Done.

I hopes this helps at least one person out there, Let me know if thats you and post a comment.

Or even better if im totally wrong and you have a better way please let me know