Snakes and Ladders, Slate quarry outing in the rain

With the rain and the wind doing their best to force us back to base with zero climbing in for the weekend we pushed on with a strong team of people keen to dust off the cobwebs from the night before. How we ended up climbing Snakes and Ladders Being Dave Talbots birthday weekend he […]

Climbing a new route in Pembrokeshire

Finally made it climbing in┬ápembroke Having not been to Pembroke more than a handful of times I was keen to get to know it better and with the offer from Henry Castle to crash at his me and Emily packed and left for the sun. New climbing route in pembroke Of course anytime you are […]

Morning out climbing in Bristol with the Giffer

Myself and the Giffer “Alan Jones” headed to Avon Gorge to siege the classic climbing route “Easy Route”. A great day rock climbing out only slight tarnished by the giffer, not having done up his shoe laces and wearing skate shoes, oh and being nearly 65 hit a tree route and ejected out his trainers […]