Formatting your new Harddrive Fat vs ExFat

After receiving a new samsung portable Harddrive in the post I today, as always the first thing I do with any new harddrive is format it, formatting it, is to wipe it completely ( for the purpose of this post it is anyway ) of data, surely it comes blank I hear people say, well yes, […]

Google Drive/s close not close enough

Found another problem with Google Drive, I was saving my photoshop file into to my Drive folder, as i thought i would give it a go, I made a few changes and clicked save again, OS X then came up with a error saying it could not save as the file was in use. So […]

How To Change The Login Window Background (OS X)

( originally written in 2008 ) This, as Hopefully all my posts are, pretty simple and yet it’s really cool, which is why its one of the first mod’s i do when i get a new mac. Follow these few steps and that’s it Download the background you want from you favourite wallpaper site mine […]