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How to fix wordpress plugins that will not update or delete.

Very recently on 2 sites stevewinslow.co.uk and bristolclimbingscene.co.uk I have the same problem or at least very similar, Plugins on my wordpress install would either not delete or update or both. The issue after many annoying hours was that my host due to issues “they say” with my domain had alter some permissions, I am still not convinced on the how but for now its fixed so I am happy.


The error was, as is often, with linux or mac machines, the Permissions of the folders, Specifically the folders of the Theme and Plugins in the wp-content folder.


What follows below are some quick step and images to back up your progress.

Before we start though, its always a good idea to make a backup of the your site first (even though its not working for), I am not going to cover that here but there are plenty of great articles already written. BACK UP YOUR SITE NOW.

Ok, onto the fixing the permissions

To fix this error or at least rule it out you will need an FTP program, I use Cyberduck for OS X, and your login details for ftp and your hosting account. Here, I am not going to show you how to complete any of these steps.

How to fix the permissions of your wordpress

  • Visit your “wp-content” with your FTP program.
  • Find the permissions of the “Themes” and “Plugins” folder, in CyberDuck “command+i” does this.


  • If the error is due to permissions, then either or both of the folders with have permissions of something similar to 555. This does not have to be exactly the same but most likely it will at least not have a “write” box ticked for the “owner”.
  • Change the permissions to 755. This allows the owner (you) to edit the “Plugins” and “Themes” folder. Make sure that you click “Apply changes recursively” so that all the permission trickle down through all the plugins and themes in the contained in the folder.


Thats it. Head back over to your WP Dashboard and attempt the update. If you have followed the steps correctly and the permissions was the only error (Very likely) then the plugins should update perfectly.




If successful its time for another back up. Always a good idea.

I would love to hear any comments you have. Thanks for reading I hope I help or some at least one person’s time.

Using instant search in OS X to speed up your work and play – Using Spotlight

Using Spotlight I was helping a friend the other day with some photo editing and we could not find the file he needed, he was furiously scanning folders, in and out, looking in all sorts of places it even got so far of trying to look through old emails to find the original, after a few minutes of trying to be patient I had to ask, how come you don’t just use Spotlight. Spotwhat? he quickly said.

So that was it I shifted him out of his seat and immediately pressed APPLE(button)+Spacebar and started to type the first few letters of the file name, and up in the right hand top corner of the screen a large list of files dropped down, from there I scrolled down and clicked on the file and it opened as usual into photoshop.

My friend was blown away , they had never scene that little blue box up there before, in-fact they hadn’t even heard of Spotlight.

Since 2005 and Mac OS X v10.4 when Spotlight got introduced I have pretty much abandoned the Dock and Finder and use Spotlight full time.

Spotlight lets us search for files, check dictionary definitions, open contacts and even open Applications. When you type in a search term Spotlight splits the search into Application,Documents,Pictures,Movies and even Fonts, this makes it much easier to find what you looking for.

To give a quick example, I never open or bring into focus iTunes using the dock or find and rarely have no hands on the keyboard, so its quicker just to hit APPLE+spacebar type ‘ it ‘, the Top Hit will be iTunes and apple in its user friendly wisdom has already highlighted it for you so just hit ‘ Enter ‘ and there you have it a lovely new iTunes window

So next time you find your fingers near APPLE+spacebar go ahead and give spotlight a try.


A very Quick tutorial on how to convert .wma to .mp3 using Ubuntu linux and FFmpeg

Lets get straight to it thats why you here – First, open your terminal and change directory to where the file you want to change/convert is ( using the cd command ), this is not the only way to do this as you could specify the location of the file you wish to change in the command line, i just find it easier this way, especially if you are going to convert multipul files in a folder,

Type the commands below exchanging ‘file.wma’ for your file you want to convert and change ‘file.mp3’ to the name you want the new .mp3 to have.

ffmpeg -i ‘file.wma’ -acodec libmp3lame  ‘file.mp3’


If you fancy yourself as a detail person then,  ‘-i’ specifies the file and ‘-acodec’ specifies the codec to be used. I will be honest I do not know enough about this subject but hey ho thats what Wikipedia is for!

Below also is a video if you need to watch it, I apologies now for the exceptional poor quality, i promise I will redo it soon.



Please do post a comment letting me know if this helped or how it didn’t , or if thats to much i would love just a ‘like’ , Thanks,  Winslow