How to change the loading screen of a Kenwood DNX4210BT

To change the loading screen on the kenwood DNX4210BT make sure that you are on the main menu and that you have a USB flash drive plugged into the usb cable or port, on the USB drive you will need the image you want to use saved in the Root folder, by that I mean that […]

How to build a poor mans TRX

After seeing this TRX used by Ben west, I new I HAD to have one! if you have not seen it used then head to youtube and check out a few videos, its a super slick way of training , low impact, inventive and easy to store. I fell in love with it straight away. […]

Formatting your new Harddrive Fat vs ExFat

After receiving a new samsung portable Harddrive in the post I today, as always the first thing I do with any new harddrive is format it, formatting it, is to wipe it completely ( for the purpose of this post it is anyway ) of data, surely it comes blank I hear people say, well yes, […]