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So my standing desktop workstation 3 month experiment is over, conclusion ? ….. its just hurts , so don’t bother.

In fairness it ended abruptly, I came home from a epic day long interview in london which i left at 5am for, grabbed a beer and fancied crashing and catching up with Wired , Arstechinca or something similar but you know what … standing up just ain’t doing it for me any more! standing and sinking a can of 4stripe, like jelly and marmite , just isn’t right.

So Down it came in a normal ( normal if you know me ) rage/relaxed/angry sort of thing. Quickly and not remotely quietly and with my room alot messier than when i got in 30 seconds before it was gone

So that was it im over it a good bit of fun ultimately proving pointless….ummmm i think there could be a theme forming here.

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