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Finally ! Spy in the Sky got done.

9th ! redpoint and 5th of the day i finally managed to see the top of Spy in the Sky.

spy in the sky , cheddar3 different sequences and 20degs of summer heat while hiding in the bushes praying for cloud, I decide on a sequence tied in and took a sip of the Coke which Cox promised me with his life would bring me justice, he even managed to make such a bold statement as ” Winslow I am even going to remove my sunnys, so i can see you accent in its true glory”. How could i fail? with this power behind me, well that was only redpoint 8 and as quickly as i started i was down again, this time at head height with Cox as i had decided to miss the last bolt ” as to focus my mind a little more “, angry and sort of over it, almost at the point of declaring cheddar rubbish and wanting to go home,  I tied straight back in waited for the smallest of cloud cover and sent her down! – happy at last.

Tried my best to stay content for over 5 minutes , but i didn’t last.. taking a swig water on board my attention quickly went to Everday Lives of Ordinary People -7c , ah the art of red-pointing and its never ending cycle.

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