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With the rain and the wind doing their best to force us back to base with zero climbing in for the weekend we pushed on with a strong team of people keen to dust off the cobwebs from the night before.

How we ended up climbing Snakes and Ladders

Being Dave Talbots birthday weekend he had plans, of course, he had plans of one big team adventure. Dave and Henry Castle from Climb Pembroke had spoke many off times and had heard just as often rumours of not just a route but a collection of routes, caving and adventures linked together taking in all the slate quarries of llanberris had to offer.


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Henry was on the on the case and was in talks with Nick Gillett, Quickly Henry and probably more Nick realised Henry was not going to remember anywhere near the amount he needed to see us around safely so Nick offered to help.

Thank goodness but Henry was not the finely tuned climber he normally was.

Our Climbing Guide was a silent hero

Im not sure Nick new really what he signed up for while agreeing to be our climbing guide for the day. We were not in the best state.

How ever Nick pushed on throughout the day and looked after our sorry selves until the last minute, in short he was a hero. We surely would have died had not been for Nick.

What was climbing Snakes and Ladders like?

I can only speak of half of the route as we did well to even make that with a group of 12 and even to speak of it would do it an injustice.


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I will let the pictures of the climbing below do the talking except for these best fitting words.

Epic – Scary – Adventurous – Beautiful – Dark – Moody – Thought provoking – Best wet weather option in the world

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