ClimbUp Bristol – Changing lives through the passion of climbing

ClimbUp Bristol is a non-profit organisation giving youngsters the opportunity to change their lives through a passion for climbing. Nearly there I am struggling to believe it however its true, ClimbUp Bristol is almost up and running! I think its safe to say, its mostly thanks to the incredible efforts from Jess Solly who has collated […]

Climbing at Tirpentwys

Wow, what a crag! Tirpentwys is an absolutely fantastic crag for those wanting to take the first steps into sport climbing outside or to push their grade from 6a/6a+ upwards with confidence. Highlights: Fantastic bolting. Easy access. 10/10 crag comfort. Almost completely solid rock with little to no chance of falling rocks. 45 minutes from […]

First Deep-water Soloing climbing trip of the year

The deepwater soloing seasons has kicked off for me and kicked off strong, well I had a few wobbles along the way. On-sighting the 2 classics, Animal Magnetism and Horny Little Devil, on the first session climbing above the sea this year has to be the perfect start to any DWS season. Kicking off with the a […]

Climbing at Tirpentyws

Climbing at Tirpentyws, wow what a crag! We managed to sneak out of Bristol for a sunny climb this Sunday and it did not dissapoint. A absolutely fantastic crag for those wanting to either take first steps into sport climbing outside or push their grades with confidence (if climbing at the 6b to 6c mark). […]

New to Climbing? 5 simple ideas to help you start off strong

In this article I have tried to get across the main subject or teaching points that I use while coaching from a basic level all the way through to competition standards. No matter what the level, it often seems that any one of these 5  simple points are the biggest stumbling block to progression in […]