Hotmail to Gmail, How to move. Easily.

First things for first let’s start by signing up for a gmail account, so head over to and click on the top right of the screen where it says sign up or sign in and follow the instructions to create you new mail account. Remember to pick a good password as always, this should […]

Scary Monsters Wall

Hit up Cheddar again ( 28/6/11 ) today and fancied somewhere of the normal crag list, so we headed to Scary Monster Wall on Castle Rocks and we weren’t¬†disappointed,¬†great crag and saw no one all day. Walk in: The walk in is good fun, well sort of, you have to head up shoot gully , […]

The First Blog Post and i Stole It! A day that finally went to plan! Today I headed up to Space hunter wall (Cheddar) with the intention of mainly getting Coxy up Fornicator Simulator (8a) before the summer access ban comes in on friday and to have a little play on Galacticus (8b). The day started with a romp up the hill […]