Shextreme film festival: Female representation in extreme sports recently held the first ever female film festival. Ruth the founder asked me to be a part of a group panel discussion with the topic being the representation of women in extreme sport and how to even the landscape of the media. The whole night was fantastic, it was full of talented women […]

How to climb the 4 most asked about competition problems at Bloc

After the recent competition at Bloc (9/9/15). I recorded myself climbing all the problems with the intention of releasing the videos to help out all those struggling with the solutions. However life got the better of me, it got really busy and I actually forgot I had produced them, I was tempted to leave them […]

Matt Cox completes Adrenochrome 8a (Deep water solo “Ground up”)

Matt Cox (Sponsored by RedChili) has done it again, in between working hard, creating babies and not much climbing, has, after a few visits completed¬†the Deepwater solo climb Adrenochrome which goes at the solid¬†grade of 8a. Not only did Matt complete¬†Adrenochrome, a must do project of his, he did it “ground up” or I suppose […]