A few more photos from Font

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Summer Blast to Font

Recently we I was lucky to get away for a quick week in Fontainebleau, Font in the summer! I hear a lot of people saying… Yeah Font in the summer works ! Its hot but its a holiday, a holiday where i get to sneak in some world class bouldering. Staying at camping le Lido […]

Feeling keen again for tech

With the rain and the cold coming both in full force I find my self back behind the desk getting up and running the new bristol climbing scene site while having a few new clients come up along with a few old ones looking for some more website development work. If you have a site […]

The New Bristol climbing Scene Site

Finally getting around to starting the Bristol climbing Scene site. I wanted a a central place to organise events, parties and to have a listing of all the great events bristol climbing centres are putting on. With 4 walls now its easy not to see old friends and even easier to miss an event! Hopefully […]

Climbing Competitions

Glad to have in the diary now most of the dates for Bloc Climbing centres competitions through the winter, now its on the task of planning them all!