Charity abseil for canonteign falls

I am working for Dave Talbot – Mountain Vision this weekend, I am heading down with Dave and the team to run a charity abseil at canonteign this weekend. With a full day ahead of us Saturday Dave has travelled down early to set up, the rest of the team following dutifully behind. A van […]

Want a quick way to shrink images by 50%

Firstly this is for apple computers only, i have absolutely no intention of making this for window, way to much hassle. Here you are.. A little app for you to shrink your images by 50% so they upload quicker to your website or social page, who needs 5000px images? This was annoying me having to […]

Climbing Magical Mystery Tour or should i say swimming…

The blast down from Bristol to climb magical mystery tour was a success in the fact that it was an outstanding adventure with some absolute top quality rock a solid team to lead the way and my new Madrock Sharks we just as good in the wet as the dry! What wasn’t really a success […]

Quick DWS blast on Magical Mystery Tour

How all climbing days should go A morning working in the office at home cleaning up and trying to complete the 3 website I’m working on, Moss Pods and Kimberley Elliot Photography then onto the bikes for a trip to Gloucester road to stoke up on food, presents and coffee then.. Into┬áthe car heading […]

Grading the comp wall at Bloc

Just finished tagging and grading all the new and old problems on the comp wall at Bloc climbing centre, let all the arguments over grades commence. Seriously Let’s us know what you think though always need a second opinion.