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First we need to export all our data from outlook, or at least the calendar data, so open up outlook and navigate as usual to calendar then click onto “file” (in the upper left corner) then the “import export” button.

From the window that pops up select “export data to file” press next and select where you would like the data (.csv) file saved, save it to your Desktop for convenience.

Now move back to your browser and sign into your google account and navigate to your calendar.

Click the gear/cog icon in the top right corner of the screen and click calendar options

Then click onto the “calendars” tab as shown below and click the “import calendar” buttom

A window will pop up asking you to choose the file that you exported from outlook, this you remember we saved to your Desktop. so click choose and find that file. Click import and your done! make sure you have selected the calendar that you wish your outlook items to import to, below you can see i have selected my “life” calendar from the drop down menu.

All done! check into your calendar to confirm and get settled into the world of google.

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