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OS X – Mavericks Update ! Stop !

A few of you have had problems updating to the new OS X ( apple ) system called Mavericks.

While Apple makes its as simple as possible, you are still modifying your system.

Before doing any update please, please backup your Entire Hard Drive and also back up all of your work or personal files on something like Google Drive of Dropbox, they are free for a certain amount of data ( so no excuse ).

Back ups should always be in pairs so that if you MAC/PC breaks you still have 2 Copies NEVER JUST HAVE 1 BACKUP.

1tb hard drives are cheap now or at least much cheaper that losing all you data. So go ahead and back up.

Even Better use apples time machine to back up every 30 mins, Effective back ups should be Automatic

Feel free to shout if you need any help

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