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Quite easily the most useful app add-on or full on program I have used in a very long time, I wouldn’t be exaggerating everything about it is perfect in my eyes, from its ethics and morals to it’s structure to it’s simplicity and to is implementation within almost any browser.

I use it everyday and all day , it’s as much a extension of myself and the web as my iPhone, I can’t imagine surfing the net without it sitting snuggly in the top corner of my browser, hanging out with me and looking after my login worries.

So what is this app, this app that i am quite clearly in love with, in love enough to write above what could be easily be my wedding vows.
It manages yours passwords of course

However, this is not just a case of sticking you passwords in a text file and saving it in your dropbox! Lastpass takes charge and stores all your passwords safely and securely, very very securely, Lastpass doesn’t hold your password for there system and therefor do not have any access to your email facebook passwords e.t.c. simple this means that it is impossible for any computer or person at lastpass to view your data, getting a little nerdy, this is because before you data and password leaves your computer its is encrypted, this means though , for better or worse, that if you lose your Lastpass password and the reminder you set up at registration, doesn’t help then you stuck setting up a new Lastpass account.

Lastpass of course does more than just a secure way to store your details, it sits in the top corner of your browser and autofills you login details for every site you visit, ( if you allow it ) that means that at the start of your surfing session you have to login to the little applet once and thats it! once lastpass learns you passwords, either by filling them in manually at their ‘vault’ or letting Lastpass save them automatically as you login, you will never have to remember or enter your passwords again! your done forever!

Now you might wonder and plenty do who i install this for, how is this better than keychain on os x or however windows decides to do it?

Well for one, lastPass syncs across any browser and any computer you have it on, making any web experience seemless and a breeze, but most importantly for me, Lastpass can log you out if you shut you browser or leave you machine idle for a specified amount of time, that means should the worst happen and your laptop/pc gets stolen or your at work and somebody sits at your desk while your out getting coffee, you will be signed out and be safe, unlike of course, most operating system based keychains which leave you logged in forever.

So go ahead and grab it and give it a go what have you got to lose, or if you are one of those shy types then hang on a couple of days and I will have a nice little Tutorial up and ready for you to follow.

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