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To start the LastPass install head over over to select download in the bottom right corner

LastPass’s system will automatically select what browser you are using, so make sure you are using the browser you want to install LastPass on.

Depending on your version and you download settings, you made need to find the downloaded file and double click it, or more commonly in newer browsers it will just install itself and a icon will appear in the top right corner , it will be black with a little star in the middle as below.

Now click on the LastPass icon a click the ‘Create Account’ button

Next Enter your Email Address that you want linked with this account, this email will only be used when or if you need a password reminder.

Now, you need to choose a password and its need to STRONG(hard to guess or crack) remember this password is going to store ALL your passwords, so no ‘password’ or ‘secrets’ or ‘12345’ , thankfully there is a strength indicator to give you, well…a indication of how strong your password is, you want to aim to have somewhere in the green, also go ahead and click all the check boxes.

LastPass gives you one more time to enter your password so make sure you have selected one that you can remember.

I plan on writing a post shortly on what i have learnt about passwords and how to create strong secure passwords that are also memorable while also explaining , hopefully simply, how and why it is secure.

Then thats it click ‘Create! and your done! so head over to the LastPass icon, when you click the icon it will open a new tab with a login screen, so go ahead and enter your details. your now logged in! and ready to use LastPass.

I think the easiest way to actually use LastPass once it is installed is to simply visit all the sites you do normally that require logins and sign in , after you click the login or sign button for that website and before that process finishes LastPass pauses that and asks if you want to save the Login, you of course do so click ‘save site’

After you click save the below tab will open

This tab confirms the details and also gives you a opportunity to select ‘AutoLogin’ which I prefer to select, this means that unlike most keychain programs it wont just fill the login boxes and wait for you to click login( which is absolutely pointless ) it will just login you straight in when you visit that website, the clever thing is that if you log back out it wont just auto login you in again in some annoying loop , so if you using you browser to let someone else login its got that covered to.

Thats it and running next time you visit for example from above ‘’ there is no need to do anything! so go ahead and build up that LastPass database of logins and sit back and enjoy.

Extras Bits

Now in my intro post to LastPass i did mention that LastPass also has the option to auto log you out, so lets go ahead and set that up and one other preference that i like.

Click on the LastPass icon which if you remember is in the top right hand corner and select ‘preferences’, this screen will appear over your browser.

So tick both the top boxes and set the second to however long you like, i have gone for 5 mins, which is quit short, but if i leave my computer 5 i might as well be a hour if you see what i mean if some ones going to steal my data, it wont take 2 secs!

Also deselect the box that says ‘show my LastPass vault after login’ as this get annoying after a while and there really is now need to see it.

Thats it , well thats it for now, Lastpass has many other extensive features that i am sure ill cover in a future date.

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