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Tonight saw the first official meeting of what will hopefully go on to be a charity organisation with the aim of bringing young people who may be struggling in society and at home into climbing, climbing indoor and out.

The charity will use climbing as a way to break down barriers, engage those who need help doing so and creating or showing that a life with the challenges, fun and adventure of climbing can be a fantastic and driven life. Climbing can be a  way to develop a anyone into a well rounded person or simply give them the reason to get up each morning and look after themselves.

This is the very early stages of the hopeful charity, I have come away with more work of course, but I would not have it any other way, the process is under with a solid team consisting of James, Ollie and Jess.

If you know of any young person who has been excluded from school, a child that may be struggling to fit in or communicate well with their peers please drop me an email as we will be soon collating a list of young persons who may fit well and benefit from the charity while enjoying climbing.


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