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( originally written in 2008 )

This, as Hopefully all my posts are, pretty simple and yet it’s really cool, which is why its one of the first mod’s i do when i get a new mac.

Follow these few steps and that’s it

Download the background you want from you favourite wallpaper site mine is

Open the finder window

Double click on the Hard drive icon then,

Double click on the Library icon then,

Find the Desktop Pictures folder and double click

Find the file called Aqua Blue.jpg and duplicate ( right click and select duplicate from the menu ) ( or if you have a sinlge button mouse or hold down the control button then click the file )

Delete the original file ( Aqua Blue.jpg )

Rename your new wallpaper file you’ve just downloaded as Aqua Blue.jpg

Now drag that new file into the Desktop pictures folder and you done

logout to see the new effect……simple yet awesome….is’nt modding cool

And if you dont like it or it doesnt work for you then just reverse these steps.

Shout if need help


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