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First things for first let’s start by signing up for a gmail account, so head over to and click on the top right of the screen where it says sign up or sign in and follow the instructions to create you new mail account.

Remember to pick a good password as always, this should contain numbers letters and at least one extra character i.e a astrix or comma.

Next you will need to visit you Hotmail account, so go to and sign in.

When you are signed in you will see something like this, of course you standard inboxHotmail Home

Then click by your name the little black arrow pointing down in the top right hand corner and select options from the menu that drops down

After this click on the link that say Mail in the menu on the left of the screen(underneath the highlighted box saying “general”)

It will open the page shown below, next click the link saying “Email forwarding”

You have arrived! all you need to do now is click the little circle button that says “forward your mail to another email address” and enter the email address where you would like the email to reach i.e your new gmail address, then make sure you click save at the bottom of the page. leave this tab open as we will need it in a moment.

Exporting your contacts and emails from Hotmail

Open back up you tab for gmail which you should have left open. Now click on the little gear/cog looking icon in the top right of the browser window and click “mail settings” in the menu that drops down.

Click on the tab that says “Accounts and imports”

Two rows down in the middle of the screen you will a button for “import mail and contacts” , go ahead and click that, a small window will then pop up and as you to enter what account you would like to import from, so go ahead and enter your old Hotmail email address.

Then enter that password from your hotmail email address

Next it will ask you what information you would like to import, un-check the box that says “import new mail for next 30 days” as we have already solved this problem earlier.

Thats it! Press start and watch some google magic.

So now you have a new gmail account with all the new tech that google brings to email and access to all the other google products as well as all your old email and contacts still with you plus any new email sent to your hotmail going straight to your spanking new google email.

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