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We were keen as always to get out the house, especially this time having spotted a crag not in the guide. Abercastle Harbour was the village and the crag was a tidal headland with a causeway on the right had side of the harbour.

Myself, Cailean and Tom with his fishing rod on the promise of Pollocks made our way across the causeway, a 15 minute walk from the carpark and we were at the bottom of the crag.

Keen still to climb and Cailean being the gent he offered me the lead, after a bit of scouting and second guessing we, as always, were back where we started with the line we had already spotted and the start we already new to be right.

Climbing Stag’osaurus

The line cuts clean across the line the line of the crag, the starting height is the same as the finish and climbs the north wing of the zawn, below you for the entire journey , once you step of the ledge is the the crashing wave and cold, cold looking water.

The climbing went well with the route being much more enjoyable than I was imagining, plenty of loose rock and terribly snappy feet kept the concentration up though.

Making it across and a few close calls and Cailean ageing 5 years from the stress of it all we were done, happy, more than happy to get a first route in the bag. Happiness and humbleness quickly returned though as we went to leave I dropped my helmet which quickly ran into the sea.

Better still, after the success of the climb and the helmet in the sea and Cailean convinced he was helping he through a rock to “help splash it back towards us” which smashed straight through the centre of the my helmet condemning it the ocean forever.

Stag’osaurus was the the routes name, try it, I would love to know what you thought of it.

Climbing in North Pembrokeshire’s Abercastle Harbour

If you are up that way, its sunny and you either climbing solidly at the 6b grade you have a great time climbing easy routes with a couple of projects, if you climb harder and fancy an active climbing rest day this is a perfect no fuss location to get a great afternoon in climbing.

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