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Saturday afternoon saw a great escape to cheddar for a quick blast with Vic’s and Steph, after being beaten to the warm up by another group, then digging out all my spare clothes because the girls had warn t-shirts and shorts to cheddar, never a good idea, as climbing at cheddar is an education in layering your clothes even on the sunniest of days.

IMG_1649 copy

A good warm up climbing a 6b, then onto find a project for the girls, on a semi rest-day I was more than happy to put the clips in. Up I went on a old 7a+ , the girls had a good go but it was not for Steph or for me to repeat.

steve winslow climbing at cheddar copy

Moving onto climb Manic Depression we found ourselves on much more enjoyable route, a great route with a tough upper crux, hard climbing, crimpy, terrible feet, tech’y and somehow bouldery, all words and feelings I had long forgotten about during my absence from climbing at cheddar that came flooding back as I dogged my way up some routes for the day, I had a lot of fun though, in a sick, failure based kind of way.

I have always believed it is good not to leave a crag without a project, this turned out to be easier than normal, the climb is up on the right hand side of Freaky wall.

A Long, sustained and a perfect route for their summer climbing project,  in-fact it turns out I didn’t have the beans either so another trip for me back to cheddar to get the climb done is a must.

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