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Part 1

To make this a quicker post to write as im not feeling the love today lets jump to the main part of the ridiculous trip that me , cox and max took to ansteys cove.

It rained, it rained alot !

And while it rained and rained all night we tried to sleep, curled up in a bus shelter type thing that lives on the top of cliffs.

When we woke up or rather i should say, got up none of us really slept much, I still had to jug up the ropes to get my rope and draws back and Cox had to abseil in to get his gear back. Lots of laughter later and completely drenched but with my gear in hand I headed to the dryness of the shelter and the warmth of the coffee.

A bed for a night

With Cox waiting for his turn to get drenched i handed him the rope and with not much of a exchange of words he ventured into the wet, not more than 25m away and i couldnt see him through the mist.

Max and I , packed are gear had breakfast and coffee and wished cox the best.

After a while, cox strolled back looking disheveled.

Gear back and bags pack we headed straight to the car and off to macky d’s for coffee.

All done and sorted an in macky d’s by 7.3oam and home by 10am and asleep on the sofa by 10.01am , I worked out i was on the ropes at 5.45am , not really how i like to start my day.( makes a good memory though )

The Good part – we did actually get to climb the evening before.

Simply put I didn’t do much apart from put the draws in ‘just revenge’ , Cox fell off  ‘uzi in my pocket’ on the on-sight then worked the route and smashed the crux , ( which is ridiculously hard ! ) , Max went for the on-sight on ‘Empire’ and moved pass the low crux fairly easy before his foot popped and was off, Cox tied back on and went for the redpoint and fell at the second part of the crux. Max after another try then on the 2nd redpoint crushed the crux down low and strolled to the top.

At this point it all changed and was quickly over, getting dark and the mist and rain coming in.

Part 2 – After Sleep,CSI and more sleep

Some how cox managed to convince me to take a visit to Avon, this did not work with max, who we have figured is to young to be bitter about not climbing and not stubborn enough to refuse to except how tired we are, any way part 2 to come in another post.

Update >> Here is Part 2

Ta for now

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