Inspired by Andy Torbet I left the house with my bike and wallet

After a off the cuff of the meeting with Andy Torbet yesterday at Bloc I certainly left feeling psyched again for a bit more writing and a few adventures.

We were covering all subjects although most were relating to self-publicizing and how make the most of yourself and adventures no matter how big or small.

Steve Winslow Riding through lockingtonThe takeaway, if I had to choose one, was to get out and do something, anything really, write about it and take a few snaps. Previously I have thought less of small ideas and trips, either not bothered with them or not written them up. Andy was right though, they may not be the biggest and most riskiest story, but a they are still a story. Its easy to forget, especially, when you are surrounded by outdoor and outgoing people that the majority of people would never dream, let alone actually get up on a Friday morning, do a hour of chores then head out on a 3.5hr bike ride to meet their partners for a surprise lunch… which is, as you might have guessed, what I have been doing today.

Without question it was a great and memorable day out, full of mistakes, near misses and punctures.

Second phase fun

Trainline home from a nice days ridingSat here on the train ride back from Kemble to Temple meads (also testing out the wordpress app for ios) I have a real sense of relaxation, you may think that should pride or achievement, but for me its just relaxation, getting out having a blast, stopping where I want and solving a few issues, then when its over  jumping on a train headed home in time for work is just too simple not to enjoy and come away feeling tired but fresh.


So cheers Andy for the inspiration and for getting me up and out the house on a foggy morning (lets plan some something big over a beer).


Details of the Ride (Bristol – Kemble)

A write up of the ride will follow very soon for those that are keen to repeat or to get a simple idea going. Keep an eye out for updates on FB, Twitter and G+

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