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ClimbUp Bristol is a non-profit organisation giving youngsters the opportunity to change their lives through a passion for climbing.

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Currently ClimbUp Bristol resides here until we have enough time/money to create its own website, for more info on ClimbUp please use the contact form at the bottom of the page or through our social media pages.

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Who is the ClimbUp team

The team comprises of myself, James Marshal, Jess Solly and Ollie Benzie.

What is ClimbUp Bristol

The ClimbUp Bristol team are a group of experienced climbers who believe passionately in the sport’s ability to change a person’s life. Our mentors have the expertise with youngsters to make this happen. The youngsters will be introduced to a world of trust, friendship, physical endeavour and new mental horizons.

It is well known within the climbing community that climbing can enable people to overcome their own fears and put life’s other challenges into perspective.

There are many examples of individuals who have built a new confidence in body and mind through climbing. Key attributes of climbing that make this such a unique and potentially life changing sport are:

  • Trusting in other people
  • Accepting that others trust in you
  • Setting and achieving personal goals
  • Becoming strong and fit and gaining confidence in your body
  • Raising self esteem
  • Problem solving (this can become a very intense process, when a particular climb may take days or even years to solve!)
  • Creating a new friendship group
  • Gaining an appreciation and respect for the outdoors

The ClimbUp Bristol course takes place over 8 weeks. Sessions are one-one with an assigned ClimbUp Bristol coach, these sessions will last approximately 2 hours. Most of the sessions will take place in one of Bristol’s four indoor climbing centres, there may also be the opportunity for outdoor trips in the Avon Gorge. (or further afield)

As the course develops we would hope that the pupil and mentor will form a close bond of trust and that the pupil will become proactive in arranging their own climbing between mentored sessions. It is hoped that they may bring friends or family along to their own sessions.

The course and equipment will be funded by ClimbUp Bristol and we will endeavour to help with the costs of other sessions for family and friends. ClimbUp Bristol can also help with transportation to and from sessions.


For more information on ClimbUp please contact us below or visit our social media pages

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